Become part of the Mono community

The Mono Owners Club is run by Mono drivers for Mono drivers. As the owner of a BAC Mono, you belong to a growing but very small community. The Mono Owners Club aims to bring this community of lovers of unique driving experiences, spread all over the world, closer together. At the same time, we want to share our activities with all those who are true Mono fans and who can't get enough of the world's only road-legal single-seater supercar.

As a club member you have access to our one of a kind events and tours at reduced member's rates as well as to additional club benefits. With your anual membership fee you help us to expand the club programme and provide one of a kind memories for the growing Mono family.

If you want to register as a guest  you can do so and upgrade to full membership later to have access to all events and club benefits.

Our membership options

Club Member
As a Mono owner you can become a club member. Your annual membership fee is £ 399.- and gives you:

• 10% discount on selected upgrades and merchandise from BAC
• Monthly special offer from BAC exclusive to MOC members (i.e. 25% off on harness upgrade)
• anual personalized themed Club Shirt (one off production, no where to be bought)
• anual membership wrist band and photo yearbook
Participation in our tours at special member's rates
• Access to "Members Only" one of a kind events
• Mono rental options for tours when tour location is too far from your home base
Special rates with our track day partner Paragraph5

We are continually expanding these benefits for our members.

As a Mono owner you can become a guest member for free without club benefits.

Mono Fan
If you don't own a BAC Mono (yet), but you want to be part of the Mono world, you can register as a fan for free to receive club news and be the first to know news around the developments on BAC.